Work-Based Learning Incentive Program

Skilled Talent for Businesses | Meaningful Careers for Students & Job Seekers

The Work-Based Learning Incentive Program (WBLIP) is a state-funded program offering financial reimbursements of up to $10,000 to businesses to create or expand high-quality work-based learning programs. Additional incentives are available, including for small and/or rural businesses. This program ends in May 2024.

WBLIP will provide funding to assist with the expenses for ...

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Northern Colorado Sector Partnerships

What are Sector Partnerships?

Sector partnerships build industry-led partnerships in a shared labor market region, strengthening regional economies and aligning education and training systems with industry needs. Sector partnerships also focus on other issues related to an industry’s competitiveness. This ensures deeper, broader, and longer-term industry engagement and success.

Who's Involved?

Business members of a target industry make up the inner table. Th...

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A Pint of Professional Development

Applications for Fall Session are Due by 5:00 pm, September 15, 2023.

Email applications to Taylor Hayden, [email protected] or deliver to the Fort Collins Chamber, 225 S. Meldrum St.

Download your application HERE!

Program Fee: $125


The Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce is excited to host our Fall Session of our young professional development program, A Pint of Professional Development, in partnership with Dr. Erika Michalski of Strategically Authentic. Dr. Mich...

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Business – K-12 Work-Based Learning


Stefanie Merrell   K-12 Work-Based Learning Business Liasion                                          

Introduction to Stefanie Merrell:

Stefanie’s work is funded through a Larimer County Workforce Innovation Grant from the Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce.  She works alongside Colorado Early College Fort Collins, Poudre, Thompson, and Estes Park School Districts.

Work-based learning (WBL) allows high scho...

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Talent 2.0 Regional Workforce Strategy

Talent and Workforce is an essential part of a healthy economy.  As the region continues to grow, businesses and communities realize that the development, maintenance and accessibility of a talented workforce is a top priority.  Talent development is a team sport that requires public, private and educational institutions to work collaboratively to be successful. Numerous barriers keep existing residents from fully participating in the labor force. These barriers can range from access to transp...

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Moving Fort Collins Forward! Campaign

2023 Membership Levels
2023 Sponsorship/Membership Guide

Membership Application

or Join Online Here

Campaign Co Chairs:


Deb Kelly with Independent Financial                          Mat Dinsmore with Wilbur’s Total Beverage

Campaign Sponsor:






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Election Committee

The Chamber's government affairs program can be divided into two broad categories: legislation and elections. Said another way, the Chamber participates in efforts to influence laws that will impact business and elect people to public office that adopt those laws.

After having years of their business and economic concerns dismissed by the City Council, Chamber leaders realized that it wasn't enough to focus on proposed legislation; they also needed to actively participate in the process to in...

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Northern Colorado Legislative Alliance

The NCLA Board of Directors is comprised of six representatives from each of the three northern Colorado Chambers of Commerce plus the chamber executives, as well as the executive of the Northern Colorado Economic Development Corporation.

Visit NCLA's website to take action, get involved, stay informed or be heard about legislative issues that could affect your business.

Every year the Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce produces a report on the Legislative Session of the Colorado Gener...

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Local Legislative Affairs Committee

The LLAC is composed of 23 Chamber members appointed by the Chamber Board of Directors. The make-up of the 23 individuals from the Chamber membership is reflective of the general Chamber membership. Applications for the committee are accepted each November. The LLAC is fully empowered by the Board of Directors to determine Chamber positions on all city and county local legislative issues which pertain to the Chamber's mission statement.

For more information about the Local Legislative Affairs...

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Red Carpet Committee

The Red Carpet Committee has been an important piece of the membership since the 1960's. Every Tuesday and Thursday, this 100 + member committee welcomes newer members to the Chamber with a Red Carpet Reception. It gives members a chance to showcase their business to other business professionals in Northern Colorado.

The Red Carpet Committee is a great way to meet other members and learn about the different kinds of businesses found in Fort Collins.

The Red Carpet Committee also serves as ...

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