Key Economic Players

Recognizing that the retention and attraction of primary employers is key to community economic prosperity, the Chamber has been a champion for a strong business climate and an effective economic development marketing program.

Collaborative Approach

Successful economic development requires a collaborative effort. The Fort Collins Chamber of Commerce works closely with the Larimer County Key Economic Players and other key stakeholders in our community. Together, we drive economic growth and ensure a supportive environment for businesses to prosper. We actively engage with local government, educational institutions, nonprofit organizations, and other business advocacy groups to foster a business-friendly climate.

Key Economic Players

Upstate Colorado Economic Development – Upstate Colorado Economic Development is a public/private non-profit economic development corporation that provides services to all of Weld County. Upstate focuses on supporting primary employers, those that bring equity into the local economy by supporting the retail, service and professional sectors.

Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce – The Chamber’s economic development efforts are focused on supporting NCEA, coordinating the Fort Collins portion of NCEA’s Business Retention and Expansion program and advocating for public policies that are conducive to a strong business climate.

Rocky Mountain Innosphere – RMI is a business incubator. It provides entrepreneurial startup companies with resources such as subsidized facilities; assistance with raising capital; access and connections with academic and government institutions; a network of advisors and mentors, including several who are in residence; discounted professional service providers; and educational and networking opportunities for realizing business success.

Colorado State University Office of Economic Development – CSU’s Community and Economic Development Office partners with communities, industry, other universities and schools, state and local agencies, and non-profit organizations to connect CSU’s innovation, strategies and resources to Coloradans.

CSU STRATA – Founded in 1941, we support and serve the campuses and affiliates of the CSU System through strategic real estate management, project development services, special project oversight, intellectual property management and technology transfer services, as well as operational management of regional, state, national, and international assets.

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Retaining Key Businesses

Retaining existing businesses is just as crucial as attracting new ones. We recognize the importance of supporting our local businesses and preventing their relocation or closure. Through our economic development initiatives, we work closely with key businesses to understand their needs and challenges. By providing resources, networking opportunities, and a supportive business ecosystem, we help these businesses thrive and grow, contributing to the long-term stability and success of our community.

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The Fort Collins Economy

The Fort Collins economy is robust, diverse, and poised for continued growth. Our community boasts a strong entrepreneurial spirit, innovative industries, and a highly skilled workforce. With an emphasis on sectors like technology, healthcare, and manufacturing, we continually seek opportunities to attract new businesses and investment. Additionally, our economy is seeing growth in markets like geospatial, water innovation, clean energy and bioscience.

Adding stability to the economy and driving innovation is Colorado State University. As a leading research university, CSU places a strong emphasis on vector-borne infectious diseases, veterinary medicine, atmospheric science, clean energy technologies, and environmental science. Annually, the university attracts over $300 million in research funding, fueling innovation and entrepreneurship in the area. With a student population of 32,000 from all 50 states and 80 nations, the University is also the community’s largest employer with nearly 7,000 employees.

Besides, the University has made a concerted effort to commercialize its research. One key partner in that effort is the Colorado State University Research Foundation (CSURF) and its subsidiary CSU Ventures. CSURF provides support and resources to students, faculty, and external partners in developing and executing commercial ventures based on intellectual property created at CSU. This partnership stimulates new business creation, creates jobs, and bolsters the local economy. As a result, our economy remains resilient even in times of uncertainty, creating a wealth of opportunities for businesses and residents alike.