Our Areas of Impact

We understand the importance of ensuring your business has a seat at the table and a well-versed voice in the conversations that matter most. Our commitment to business advocacy is driven by the values of prioritization, planning, rigorous research, and vigorous action.

We believe in listening to your needs before proposing legislation and strive to keep your business interests front and center. From tracking important issues such as water pipelines, occupancy ordinances, and local minimum wage, to advocating for land use regulations and affordable housing options, we are dedicated to supporting and advancing your business in Fort Collins.

Our Areas of Impact

Our areas of impact guide our advocacy work because we believe that together, they create the foundation of a strong and vibrant local economy.

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Championing policies for robust business growth, we envision a sustainable economic future. Our community’s prosperity is our priority, ensuring global competitiveness and local innovation.

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We support employers in attracting and retaining the talent they need, to ensure a competitive advantage for area employers through quality workers and for workers through quality jobs.

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Modern infrastructure is our community’s backbone. We focus on enhancing the quality of life, ensuring resilience and progress. Every road, utility, and facility reflects our dedication.

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Our community thrives on strong leadership. Our goal is to build a community of resilient, innovative, and visionary leaders who can guide Northern Colorado toward a brighter tomorrow.

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Business-Friendly Environment

We advocate for policies and initiatives that enable businesses of all sizes to thrive, providing opportunities for job growth, innovation, and economic prosperity.

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Whether it’s boosting your bottom line, enhancing your marketing efforts, or improving your operations, we have the resources you need to take your business to the next level.

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