Northern Colorado Prospers 2.0

Northern Colorado Prospers 2.0 is a 5-year strategic initiative of the Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce that hinges on the engagement and investment from all businesses and stakeholders to secure a prosperous economic future for our region. The initiative works to reignite businesses, foster talent attraction and retention, expand transportation goals, and create a more business-friendly operating environment, ensuring the long-term strength and sustainability of Northern Colorado.

About the Initiative

The Fort Collins region is fortunate to have a strong economic base, with advanced technology, higher education, agriculture, health care, manufacturing, energy development, and state and federal government forming the diverse and resilient heart of our economy.

At the same time, Northern Colorado faces challenges to its future success and prosperity. The resources raised by Northern Colorado Prospers will help alleviate the challenges Northern Colorado faces. Below are the four main challenges and the Northern Colorado Prospers goals for each.

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Severe congestion along the essential I-25 corridor. Unless addressed, three-hour trips to DIA and Denver could become routine.

Goal 1: Fix I-25
Why: Safe and efficient travel is essential to our families and businesses.

Action: The Fort Collins Area Chamber will continue to lead a comprehensive, multi-year lobbying and communication campaign to secure the $1.7 billion necessary to widen North I-25 between Fort Collins and Longmont.

Labor Force

Under-employment and talent shortages are a growing problem. Fort Collins ranks seventh in the nation in under-employment, and with older workers aging out of the workforce, key sectors are now experiencing talent shortages with more on the way.

Goal 2: Align, Attract and Retain Talent

Why: Our region needs a dynamic labor market that provides employers with the talent they need both today and in the future.

Action: Through Northern Colorado Prospers, the Fort Collins Area Chamber will implement strategies to ensure a competitive advantage for area employers through quality workers and for area workers through quality jobs.

Business Environment

While our current situation is relatively business-friendly, history has shown that the environment can change very quickly.

Goal 3: Bold Voice of Business

Why: Unpredictable, costly government kills jobs and investment.

Action: The Fort Collins Area Chamber will serve as the voice of business to aggressively advocate the perspective of business and ensure public officials and residents understand the strong connection between business vitality, jobs and having the means to afford public services that greatly enhance the quality of community life, such as good schools, parks and bike paths.

Retaining Key Employers

No consistent, systematic program exists to identify problems and expansion opportunities of existing key employers. The community must be proactive in its relationship with key employers to help them solve problems and expand. An insufficient level of support for key employers increases the level of risk to the local economy.

Goal 4: Expand and Retain Existing Businesses

Why: The most effective way for a community to experience job growth is through the retention and expansion of existing businesses.

Action: The Fort Collins Area Chamber and key partners will deliberately and consistently meet with Fort Collins-Loveland area employers to express community support for them and to determine what can be done to help them. As a result, thousands of jobs will be created over the next five years.

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