As an active participant in state and local government, your Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce is often a lone voice advocating on behalf of the business community.  Through a large contingent of volunteers that highlight real-world impacts of public policy and add context to the day-to-day work of Chamber staff, the organization strives to interject the business case into the decision-making process.  To be most effective, your Chamber devised a guide that presents a consistent messaging platform that outlines issues deemed important to local business and our economic wellbeing.

Known as Where We Stand, this document is intended to inform Chamber members, public officials, and the general public as to how various policy issues impact the business community.  Last updated in 2018, the document was thoroughly reviewed, revised, and refined through an extensive engagement process with the Chamber Local Legislative Affairs Committee and subject matter experts.  Over a year in the making, the revised document was adopted by the Board of Directors earlier this year and now available for public reference.

Notable highlights within the latest version include:

  • Elimination of redundancies with more concise language throughout.
  • Statements of desired outcomes replace prescriptive guidance as to how to achieve those outcomes.
  • Removal of issues that fall outside the jurisdiction of local government.
  • Inserting a statement on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion that promotes human agency over mandated outcomes.

Please take the opportunity to become familiar with the document and let us know if we have missed the mark or missed important issues entirely.  This is your Chamber, which makes this your statement to our local policymakers and elected officials.