Fix North I-25

The Fix North I-25 is an initiative that aims to improve and address issues on North I-25, including traffic congestion and infrastructure upgrades.

About Fix North I-25

Established as part of the Northern Colorado Legislative Alliance (NCLA), the Fix North I-25 Business Alliance is a collective of businesses dedicated to addressing issues that affect the mobility of the North I-25 corridor between Highway 14 and Highway 66. As an advocacy group, the Alliance focuses on:

  1. Collaborating with government entities at all levels to secure funding for expanding North I-25 to three lanes.
  2. Communicating the economic significance of a well-functioning I-25 corridor.
  3. Encouraging businesses and the public to engage and participate in the improvement efforts.

Fast Facts from Fix North I-25

This information is taken directly from Fix North I-25, where you can learn more about the initiative, key players, and the current state of the progress on North I-25.

  • North I-25 is rapidly changing from Northern Colorado’s Main Street to Northern Colorado’s Parking Lot, operating at a traffic engineering level of Service D. Without action, it will deteriorate to E in 10 years and to F by 2035, which equates to 3-hour travel times to Denver and DIA.
  • I-25 is the backbone of commerce, employment, local service infrastructure and tourism in Northern Colorado.
  • In the 26 miles between Highway 14 in Fort Collins and Highway 66 in Longmont, I-25 serves more than 895,000 Larimer, Weld and Boulder County residents and carries approximately 45,000 vehicles daily.
  • Northern Colorado is the fastest-growing area in Colorado. Populations in Larimer and Weld counties are projected to increase 52 and 111 percent, respectively, the next 25 years.
  • The price tag for widening North I-25 is an estimated $965 million. Unless we speak up, funding won’t be available until 2070.

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