Election Committee

The Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce has made it a priority to support the election of City Council Members who support business and job creation and to take positions on ballot measures that it believes will impact quality of life and economic competitiveness.

About the Committee

The Chamber’s government affairs program can be broadly categorized into two key areas: legislation and elections. In other words, the Chamber actively participates in shaping laws that impact businesses while also focusing on electing officials who embrace those laws.

Recognizing the dismissal of their business and economic concerns by the City Council over the years, Chamber leaders understood that simply focusing on proposed legislation wasn’t enough. They realized the importance of actively participating in the process to influence the decision-makers responsible for creating those laws. In 2004, they established the Election Committee, an integral part of the Chamber’s political program that has since transformed the political landscape in Fort Collins.

When it comes to elections, the Chamber directs its attention solely to local races, such as city council, county commission, and school board positions. The Election Committee, appointed by the Board, oversees the entire process, ensuring that the Chamber’s endorsements align with its goals and values.

By actively engaging in local races and implementing a strategic approach to legislation and elections, the Chamber is making a substantial impact, driving positive change, and advocating for a business-friendly environment in Fort Collins.

Join the Committee

If you’re interested in learning more about the Chamber’s political program or for more information about joining this committee, contact Chamber President and CEO Ann Hutchison at [email protected] or (970) 482-3746.

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