Northern Colorado Sector Partnerships

Industry-led, community-supported partnerships that strengthen regional economies and connect people to jobs.

About Sector Partnerships

Sector partnerships are dynamic relationships built between local industries, labor markets, and education systems, aimed at driving economic growth and aligning education with industry needs. These partnerships are led and shaped by the business members of a target industry who actively participate in developing an agenda that addresses specific workforce and education needs.

The inner table of a sector partnership comprises business members of a target industry who actively define the agenda, drive workforce and education initiatives, and identify key players in the broader community who can support their efforts. By focusing on education and training needs, these partnerships aim to create industry-driven solutions that will benefit the local economy.

The outer table of a sector partnership includes community-based organizations, workforce development boards, key decision-makers, and service providers from various sectors, including K-12 education, career and technical education, community colleges, four-year institutions, apprenticeship programs, and economic development organizations.

By building these partnerships, industry leaders and community-based organizations can convene around key issues related to a particular industry’s competitiveness. This not only ensures deeper, broader, and longer-term industry engagement and success but also promotes collaboration across sectors and provides a platform for innovative solutions to address complex regional workforce challenges.

In addition to fostering stronger partnerships between industry leaders and educational institutions, sector partnerships also play a critical role in promoting economic development and creating new career pathways for workers. With ongoing support and collaboration from key stakeholders, these partnerships can help transform local economies by fueling innovation, improving local talent development, and enhancing the competitiveness of local businesses.

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Sector Partnerships

Northern Colorado Manufacturing Sector Partnership

  • Website:
  • Industry Focus: Manufacturing
  • Contact Name: Marcie Willard
  • Contact email: [email protected]
  • Convener name: Marcie Willard
  • Business Chairs: John Gray and Marcie Willard

Northern Colorado Health Sector Partnership

2023 NoCo Health Sector Partnership Annual Report

Northern Colorado Hospitality Sector Partnership

  • Website: Coming Soon
  • Industry Focus: Hospitality 
  • Contact Name: Amanda Miller
  • Contact email: [email protected]
  • Convener name: Amanda Miller
  • Business Chairs: Jeff Brown and Randi Johnson

Northern Colorado Construction Sector Partnership

Northern Colorado Non-Profit Sector Partnership

  • Website: Coming Soon 
  • Industry Focus: Non-Profits
  • Contact Name: Jill Foster 
  • Contact email: [email protected] 
  • Convener name: Jill Foster 
  • Business Chairs: Kim Akeley-Charron and Elizabeth Barrett