Keep NoCo Open

The Fort Collins business community plays a vital role in our city, and both businesses and citizens are encouraged to contribute to the efforts of keeping Northern Colorado (NoCo) open. By following certain guidelines and supporting local businesses, we can preserve the variances granted to Larimer County businesses and ensure their ongoing success.

Supporting Local Businesses

The Fort Collins business community is a diverse mix of small, medium, and large businesses that offer essential products and services to our residents. The success of our business community is crucial for both businesses and citizens alike. In order to maintain the variances granted by the state, which allow local businesses more flexibility and opportunities to serve customers, it is essential to curtail any sudden spikes in local pandemic case numbers.

Everyone in NoCo has a role to play in preserving these variances and supporting our local businesses. Here are some important actions that both the community and businesses should take:

  1. Follow guidelines: It is crucial to adhere to recommended safety guidelines, such as wearing masks, practicing social distancing, and frequently washing hands. These measures help protect the community and businesses from the spread of the pandemic.
  2. Support local businesses: By choosing to shop locally and utilizing the services offered by NoCo businesses, we can contribute to their ongoing success. This support ensures that businesses can continue to provide the products and services that the community needs and desires.
  3. Spread awareness: Share information about the importance of preserving variances and supporting local businesses with friends, family, and the wider community. Encourage others to follow the guidelines and make conscious choices to support NoCo businesses.

Together, as a community, we can maintain the variances granted by the state and help keep NoCo open. By working together and supporting our local businesses, we can ensure the continued vibrancy and success of our business community in Fort Collins.

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