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Making sure you have a seat at the table and a well-versed voice in the conversations that matter most is important. At the Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce, we back up local business by keeping your needs front-and-center. Prioritizing and planning. Rigorous research and vigorous action. Listening before legislation. These are the values that guide our support of your business interests.


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CIVIC Conversation To Go

CIVIC Conversation is best described as an opportunity for individuals to share perspective and learn from others.

We invite you to take the program
home or on the road to create perspective and dialogue.

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Water Pipelines 

City or State: Who’s in Charge

Occupancy Ordinance – U+2

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Local Minimum Wage

At its November 15 meeting, the Fort Collins City Council elected to postpone consideration of a local minimum wage to provide time for further outreach and information gathering.  The item has been rescheduled for the April 11, 2023 Work Session with formal action set for May 16.

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Minimum Wage Overview & Resources 

How to share your voice


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Land Use Code

The City’s Land Use Code (LUC) regulates zoning, land use, building design, and more.

A referendum was received and certified sufficient by the City Clerk regarding the City’s new Land Development Code. As a result, the new code will not be going into effect on January 1, 2023.

After 10 more months of outreach, the City Council will consider a new, updated code on October 3, 2023.  Learn about the Chamber’s position here.



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Mulberry Annexation

Preservation of land available to industrial, agricultural and heavy commercial uses are crucial to a resilient local economy.

The Chamber’s Local Legislative Affairs Committee (LLAC) has created an East Mulberry Task Group to inform and engage businesses within the East Mulberry enclave area and advocate for plans and policy that support existing and future business. Click here for the East Mulberry Corridor Plan

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A deep and diverse inventory of housing types considered affordable across the income spectrum within the community is critical to attract and retain both employers and a highly engaged workforce.

Click here for the City of Fort Collins Housing Strategic Plan

Click Here for City of Fort Collins
Land Use Code Updates

Click here for NoCo Housing NOW


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Jobs & Workforce

The Chamber is a strong advocate for a dynamic labor market with a strong talent pipeline that supports employers’ current and future needs and provides residents with good career options and
opportunities to improve their skills.

This vision of a dynamic labor market creates a virtuous cycle within the workforce system, which in turn supports a strong and diverse regional economy.




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Northern Colorado Legislative

The joint public policy advocacy arm of the Fort Collins, Greeley and Loveland Chambers of Commerce, Upstate Colorado Economic Development Corporation and the One NoCo. The NCLA is the leading voice in northern Colorado influencing local, state and federal policy on issues affecting the unique business interests of northern Colorado.

Northern Colorado Prospers

Northern Colorado Prospers

The Fort Collins region is fortunate to have a strong economic base, with advanced technology, higher education, agriculture, health care, manufacturing, energy development, and state and federal government forming the diverse and resilient heart of our economy.

At the same time, Northern Colorado faces challenges to its future success and prosperity. The resources raised by Northern Colorado Prospers will help alleviate the challenges Northern Colorado faces. Below are the four main challenges and the Northern Colorado Prospers goals for each.

Local Legislative Affairs Committee

Local Legislative Affairs Committee

The Local Legislative Affairs Committee (LLAC) collaborates with public and private stakeholders to create a favorable environment for business, thereby enhancing the quality of life of the entire community and region.

NoCo Housing Now

NoCo Housing Now

NoCo Housing NOW is a coalition of the willing serving as Northern Colorado’s leading voice for housing options & relative affordability.