Celebrating Small
Business September

Hosted by the Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce


September 2024
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Celebrate the remarkable impact of small businesses in Northern Colorado throughout the month of September with the Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce and our community partners.

With more than 80% of our membership having 20 employees or less, small businesses are the heart of the Fort Collins Area Chamber. Throughout September, we will host a variety of events that showcase the success stories, innovative ideas, and entrepreneurial spirit of small businesses in Northern Colorado. From networking gatherings to educational workshops, there will be opportunities to connect with fellow business owners, learn from industry experts, and gain valuable insights to help your own business thrive.

In addition, our social media platforms will be buzzing with special features, interviews, and highlights of local small businesses, creating a virtual space for shared experiences, inspiration, and support.

Stay tuned for the event schedule and the latest updates on our website and social media channels. Together, let’s celebrate the resilience, creativity, and impact of small businesses in Northern Colorado.

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