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Fort Collins-Loveland Region has a Labor Challenge

Last week, a local coalition of organizations released a 60-page document titled “TALENT 2.0: Regional Workforce Strategy, Fort Collins-Loveland Metro Area.

Don’t be put off by the dry, academic-sounding title. It’s actually an historic document, the first-ever workforce development plan for the Fort Collins-Loveland area. And the data is saying loud and clear to community and business leaders that we better get focused on workforce.

A few nuggets:

Over the next five years, area...

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Chamber and Partners Rollout Talent Development Plan

History was made this morning. Nearly 100 people gathered at the Embassy Suites to receive a briefing on and copies of the first-ever talent development plan for the Fort Collins-Loveland area.

When I talk with businesspeople in Northern Colorado two topics always come up: I-25 and workforce. Regarding the latter, the common message is that many local employers have challenges filling some positions. And they ain’t seen nuthin’ yet. As Baby Boomers continue to retire, the challenge will b...

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Understand the Impact of Fees on Housing

Do you think you are paying too little in fees to the City of Fort Collins?

Do you believe housing affordability is a non-issue in Fort Collins?

Most of us will answer ‘no’ and ‘no.’

This is not intended to be an anti-government or anti-tax or anti-fee screed. Most businesspeople are fine with paying reasonable government costs for good and necessary services. The rub, of course, is the definition of ‘reasonable’ is in the eye of the beholder!

The City staff is proposing ...

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Time for less talk, more movement on Colorado highways

North Interstate 25 has been a frequent topic in my columns in recent years. Congestion on the interstate is a daily irritation and the subject of conversations around dinner tables and water coolers — and Twitter, Facebook and every other social media outlet — in Northern Colorado.

Starting with the positive first, three significant projects totaling more than $270 million are underway on the most congested part of I-25, namely the section between Loveland and Colorado Highway 14 in For...

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I-25, Workforce & More

One of my duties is to represent the Chamber publicly at various events, sometimes as a speaker. This morning I spoke to 150 Re/Max real estate agents and brokers at the Candlelight Dinner Playhouse in Johnstown. (As an aside, this is a great venue, if you are not familiar with it, worth a date night with your significant other.)

The main topic was the status of I-25, but we also talked about workforce development, how the area chambers of commerce work together, business retention and expans...

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