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Time to Repeal the Gallagher Amendment; Yes on Amendment B

Amendment B on your Colorado state ballot calls for the repeal of the Gallagher Amendment of 1982. The Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce and the other partners of the Northern Colorado Legislative Alliance support Amendment B.

A ‘yes’ vote repeals the Gallagher Amendment from the state constitution. The amendment has locked residential and non-residential property assessment rates into the constitution. The repeal would allow the state legislature to freeze property tax assessment ra...

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“No” on Proposition 113 – National Popular Vote Compact

There is a movement to elect the President of the United States by popular vote. The result would be a small number of states and major urban areas controlling who is elected as president. Votes in places like Colorado would be meaningless.

The Fort Collins Chamber is recommending a NO vote on Colorado Proposition 113.

At the time the United States Constitution was being debated, a major point of contention was how the states could function collectively without the interests of the small s...

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“No” on Ballot Measure for Paid Family and Medical Leave

The Chamber is recommending a ‘no’ vote on State Proposition 118, Paid Family and Medical Leave. This would be a major new $1.3 billion state-run insurance benefit program.

Proposition 118:

Provides up to 12 – 16 weeks of paid time off would be provided to workers to care for a new baby, care of an adopted child, to care for a seriously ill relative, or to recover from an illness.
The program is not free; it would be paid for through a mandatory payroll tax. Both employers and e...

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Search for Talent Continues

Last week the Chamber announced its annual Talent Summit. It will be Wednesday, September 30. We quickly got over 50 registrations. What’s with that? Aren’t we in a Covid-19 induced recession?

The answer can be found in an editorial on the 13th by the Editorial Board of the Wall Street Journal. It is titled “Help Still Wanted, Believe it or Not.” Believe it.

The Editorial Board wrote “For more evidence that the labor market recovery is continuing, consider the Labor Department’...

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Businesspeople are Heroes and I’m Grateful to Have Served You

Last week I announced to the Chamber Board that I am retiring at the end of 2020. That information was shared with you as a member of the Chamber, is in this week’s electronic newsletter and has been in the press.

Before moving on to talk about the future and you, I’ve been encouraged to share a few comments about my departure.

First, it is bittersweet. I have the best job in town so giving it up does not make any sense, right? That is true! In general, I like to work, and I thoroughly...

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