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Chamber COVID-19 Response Activities

At the Chamber our COVID-19 response is focused in six broad categories.

Getting customers to your business. To flatten the trajectory of the spread of COVID-19, public officials have imposed various restrictions on business. In response, we created “Open for Business” on our website to post information about your hours and services. Submit your information by emailing jumland@fcchamber.org. We are promoting the site through social media and other communication platforms.
Business as...

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Accessing Money to Keep the Doors Open

As I get older, sometimes it is difficult to find the benefits of aging. One advantage, however, is perspective. If you live long enough, you do experience a lot of things. The current climate of virus-panic is difficult and will be for a while, but we will come out on the other side stronger. Americans always do.

In the meantime, there’s the important matter of protecting our health and trying to keep businesses afloat.

Regarding keeping your small company going, the U.S. Small Business...

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Four Pillars for Transportation Funding; Coronavirus Update

A frequent topic for me is funding for transportation. With the Legislature in session, we believe it should pursue a four-pillar integrated strategy including:

make a long-term commitment to transportation, especially roads, from the General Fund to the tune of $300M to $500M per year;
increase fees on electric and low-emission vehicles. They are not paying the gas tax but they are using the road. Level that up.
refer a measure to the fall ballot asking voters to consider a modest in...

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Resources for Members: Legislative Tracking, Coronavirus

Here are some timely resources.

First, with the state legislature underway, the Chamber’s state issues committee – the Northern Colorado Legislative Alliance – is analyzing, tracking, and lobbying on bills. Click here for the NCLA 2020 bill tracker.

Second, the coronavirus is a big topic in the news. So far, the reports make it sound more like a bad flu season than anything to be unduly concerned about. The advice we are reading says to take the same personal precautions that you do ...

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Paid Family and Medical Leave Resurfaces (Part 2)

Last week I wrote about the state legislature renewing consideration of a major new mandate on businesses in the form of paid family and medical leave.

Since then, the board of the Northern Colorado Legislative Alliance (NCLA) has reviewed the draft and took the position of ‘opposed as now proposed.’

There’s a lot to unpack in the draft bill. While being soft-pedaled initially as only applying to companies with 20 or more employees and providing 8 weeks of leave, the bill would phase...

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