2023 David May Advocacy Award Winner – Sharie Grant

Apr 11, 2024 | Chamber News

Sharie Grant, recipient of this year’s esteemed David May Advocacy Award, stands as an exemplary figure in the northern Colorado business community. Under her stewardship, the norther Division of SLATE has become a leader in the Front Range commercial furniture market. Sharie has spearheaded numerous transformative projects over the past four decades with many major businesses across numerous industries.

Beyond her professional achievements, Sharie’s impact extends to her extensive community involvement as she has been a steadfast advocate for business interests and community welfare.

“Consistent engagement matters,” Sharie said. “You can be a hot voice for five minutes or you can be consistent in carrying a message.”

The David May Advocacy Award was created in 2020 in honor of former Chamber President & CEO David May’s successful service to the Fort Collins region, its business community, and for being a resolute advocate for free enterprise, and tirelessly advocating for better communities through sound economic principles and a sustainable business climate.

“It’s very humbling and I’m very grateful,” Sharie said. “There are so many great volunteers that have supported advocacy efforts, so that is the humbling aspect and I worked with David May his entire tenure and have tremendous respect for him. To be receiving an award named after him is an honor.”

Sharie’s passion for advocating for business interests and community welfare has been evident as she’s served and held leadership roles in many organizations. Sharie first got involved with the Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce in 2002 as a member of the Local Legislative Affairs Committee (LLAC)

“I got involved with (LLAC) because there were things going on that I didn’t think were beneficial to business in the legislative arena,” Sharie said. “I thought if I don’t like it what am I going to do about it? You have to be engaged if you want to have a voice.”

Since then, Sharie’s investment in the Chamber grew, joining the Chamber Board of Directors from 2004-2018, serving as Chair in 2007, the Chamber Election Committee member from 2008-2021 and the Northern Colorado Legislative Alliance (NCLA) in 2006.

Sharie credits her successes with advocating for better business practices through the same principles she used to lead her teams at SLATE, speaking a consistent message and building trust. When you have built trust people know you’re going to do what’s right for them and that will help foster a long relationship.

“I think articulating a clear vision and beginning to be consistent in how you articulate that mission,” Sharie said. “Business is not easy, but you have to be solid in what you’re trying to accomplish.”

The Chamber is honored to celebrate Sharie’s impact across the business community of Northern Colorado and is proud to award her the 2023 David May Advocacy Award.