2023 Valerie Arnold Volunteer of the Year – Lindie Dykson

Apr 11, 2024 | Chamber News

This year, the Chamber awarded Lindie Dykson with the 2023 Valerie Arnold Volunteer of the Year Award. The award embodies those who demonstrated qualities of an active member, volunteer and inspiration for others to become engaged in the community.

Lindie has been an active volunteer with the Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce Red Carpet Committee and the Moving Fort Collins Forward! Campaign. She began her tenure with the Chamber as a volunteer in 2018, and today is the Chamber’s most active volunteer. Last year in the Chamber’s Moving Fort Collins Forward Campaign! Lindie led the way bringing in a record 22 new members in this important friend and fundraising effort.

Lindie is known for her tremendous energy, drive and willingness to go above and beyond.

We thank Lindie for her involvement with the Chamber and for being an embodiment of an active volunteer. Here are a few words from those close to Lindie and her recognition as the 2023 Valerie Arnold Volunteer of the Year Award.

“Lindie is the first person everyone wants on their team. When Lindie has your back, it enables you to be your best self and accomplish your goals. She works tirelessly to do what’s right, going above and beyond for customers, community members, friends and strangers. Lindie is not only a proponent of the Fort Collins Chamber, she is the Chamber’s number one Champion! Chances are, if you ask five people how they got involved in the chamber, four will say because of Lindie. The average member may bring two to three other guests in an average year. Lindie often brings two or three guests to a single event! She is the glue that holds together and strengthens relationships between other Chamber members.” – Dirk Dykson, Lindie’s husband


“For over twenty years I have included Lindie in my friend group as a “quality person.” With her, I have volunteered in the community several times, and I have also shared personal moments with her and her family. I know that her hopes include contributing in a positive way to her world. . . and being a good friend. Often these goals go hand in hand, and I believe that she does both well. She is a very strong woman in a very human way, and like other great volunteers/humanitarians, Lindie doesn’t just say what she believes in–she tries to live it. May this recognition be an inspiration to us all to “walk the walk,” and congratulations Lindie!!  –Karen Heckman, Friend