Still No on Amendment 73

Oct 30, 2018 | Economy, Elections

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In an earlier blog I wrote about Amendment 73, the huge tax increase for public education. As noted, we oppose it because it’s built into the Constitution, it is a very large tax increase, and it falls unfairly on the backs of small business people.

In addition to all of that, there’s the matter of whether it will make any difference at all in the education of Colorado kids. History says that increased per pupil expenditures do not translate into improved learning (as measured by improved test scores).

Lost for most people is the point that Amendment 73 is not about improving education. It’s just about pushing vast amounts of new money through the education system. There are no promises that kids will get a better education.

In fact, there is vast evidence showing no direct correlation between spending and learning. Here are a couple of articles:

We’re being told that this is an investment in the future, but investments are supposed to have a return. Without a return, this is just an expense.

Don’t get me wrong. Education is very important and adequately funding education is important. However, the economic cost will be too high for what will end up being no improvement in the education of Colorado kids if Amendment 73 passes. No on Amendment 73.