What Now for Transportation Funding?

Last Tuesday voters in Colorado said ‘no’ to both ballot measures to fund transportation. Both Proposition 109 (Fix Our Damn Roads, a $3.5B bonding program, no tax increase) and Proposition 110 (Let’s Go, Colorado, a 0.62% state sales tax increase with a bonding component) failed with 40% in favor, 60% opposed.

What does it all mean and what’s next?

Starting on a positive note, two different groups of Coloradoans petitioned transportation funding measures onto the state ballot. Jon...

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Boulder and Fort Collins #1 and #2 in Brain Concentration

An interesting report was just published by Bloomberg showing U.S. metro areas suffering a “brain drain” with the outflow of people with advanced degrees and white-collar job losses and pay reductions in science, technology, engineering and math.

And a companion index called “Brain Concentration Index” shows just the opposite. Colorado is well represented on this list as the state with three cities – 1. Boulder 2. Fort Collins, and 10. Denver.

The top 15 cities on the brainpower ...

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Still No on Amendment 73

Elections are a week from today. For the Chamber’s view on key election issues and candidates, go here for a two-page summary overview and here for the Election Page on our website.

In an earlier blog I wrote about Amendment 73, the huge tax increase for public education. As noted, we oppose it because it’s built into the Constitution, it is a very large tax increase, and it falls unfairly on the backs of small business people.

In addition to all of that, there’s the matter of whethe...

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Where Polis and Stapleton Stand on Key Issues

While the Chamber does not endorse candidates for governor, we do get questions about where they stand on business-related issues. To help answer those questions, below is a summary assembled by the Northern Colorado Legislative Alliance, a chamber affiliate. The info was pulled from a series of great articles by the Denver Business Journal.

In response to some inquiries by members and investors of the 5 partner entities of the Northern Colorado Legislative Allian...

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Remember the Chamber as an Election Resource

The Colorado 2018 General Election ballots will be mailed out starting October 15. That gives voters just about three weeks to review, learn and make educated decisions on who and what to vote for.

There are some weighty issues on the ballot including anti-fracking setbacks, transportation funding, mental health facilities funding, and education funding.

The Fort Collins Chamber website can be a valuable source as you shift your way through campaign materials, websites, endorsements and pr...

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Busy Colorado Ballot this Fall

Back in March we predicted a big November ballot (The November State Ballot Could Be a Monster) and that has turned out to be true. State initiatives on anti-fracking, energy and transportation and school funding have topped the list for proposed ballot questions. The signature collection process is drawing to a close and now the Secretary of State’s office starts the process to determine which of the measures gathered the nearly 98,500 valid signatures to be certified for the ballot. For cons...

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The November State Ballot Could Be a Monster

The November state ballot could be loaded with big issues.

The list of proposed and pending issues is long. While most will not make it through the petition process to earn a spot on the ballot, there may be one or two transportation-funding measures, an education-funding proposal and a slow-growth measure.

Funding for the state’s transportation system has long been neglected. Most Coloradans assume taking care of the state highway system is a state priority. As I speak to people about t...

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The Chamber and Government-Owned Broadband

Today is Election Day and on the local ballot is City Issue 2B. The measure was placed on the ballot by the City Council. It asks voters for the option of establishing city telecom services and issuing up to $150 million in bonds to build the system.

The Chamber opposes 2B. I’ve written about it here and here.

The ensuing media coverage and commentary have created some misperceptions, which I want to address.

First, the Chamber strongly believes having a well-connected community is im...

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DU Prof Warns Fort Collins Voters About Government Broadband

As you may know, the Chamber opposes City Ballot Issue 2B, which would allow the City of Fort Collins to establish a telecom service to provide broadband.

We’ve written about our position and why we took it here and here.

Over the weekend an opinion piece was published by Ronald Rizzuto, Ph.D., a University of Denver finance professor that details why city-owned broadband is a bad idea. It is titled Fort Collins voters beware of Ballot Question 2B.

It’s short and worth taking the ti...

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City-Owned Telecom is a Bad Idea

There is a measure on the November ballot that would authorize the City to establish city-owned telecom services. The plan is to provide 1 gig broadband service to every home. As much as we admire our friends at the City, and as much as we strongly support a connected community, we do not support this measure.

There are a number of reasons for our non-support, but probably the biggest is the strong belief that city government should stick to its basic job – fire and police protection, stree...

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