Chamber Weighs in on Local and State Elections

Oct 11, 2016 | Economy, Elections

Mercifully election season is nearing an end.  To help you fulfill your voting duties, the Chamber has studied many of the issues and offers recommendations.  Same with some local officeholders.

You can find our positions here.  Agree or disagree with them, know that a lot of work and thought went into reaching these decisions.  Volunteer members at a couple of levels, our Governmental Affairs staff and I did our homework.

A few thoughts on the candidates and issues:

Steve Johnson and Tom Donnelly for Larimer County Commission. These are the only candidate races we are endorsing in this year.  Commissioners Johnson and Donnelly are incumbents and have performed their duties admirably and effectively.

No on Amendment 69 (ColoradoCare). Prominent officials in both major political parties are against Amendment 69.  This would the first state-run single-payer health care system in the nation.  There are lots of reasons to oppose this amendment to the state constitution but a big reason is that the costs of this behemoth fall disproportionately heavy on the backs of small businesses and sole proprietors. Oh, and after spending $25 billion to $35 billion per year forever, there is no evidence that access and quality of health care will go up and that household health care costs will go down. None. Find more information here and here.

No on Amendment 70 (raising minimum wage to $12 per hour). This is presented by supporters as a heart issue, an equity issue.  The voluntary financial arrangement between a business and its employees is best left to them.  Government (or in this case, voters using government) imposing a made-up, non-market-based wage rate negatively impacts the economy, small businesses and the people the wage is supposed to help. Find more information here and here.

Yes on County Issue 1A (a tax for Mental Health, Detox/Substance Abuse Facility and Services). Far too many of our friends and neighbors and their families are struggling with mental health and substance issues and have few options for treatment. This tax will provide the facilities and services they need. Find more info here.

Yes on City of Fort Collins Issue 2A: Debrucing Keep Fort Collins Great. A tax passed by Fort Collins voters in 2010 generated more revenue than the City estimated and reported in the original ballot language. They are asking to keep the overage. Find more info here and here.

We are supporting other issues as well. Again, the info can be found here.