Election Night Message: Grow the Economy

Like everybody else, I’m glad to move past the degrading spectacle we just endured in the form of the presidential election.

As I predicted last week, regardless of the outcome of the election, the sun would come up the next day, and it did.

So now what? Everybody is asking that question, and rightfully so. How the President-Elect’s campaign trail declarations translate into action is anybody’s guess. In the absence of facts, we’re only left with hope. For my part, I’m hoping for attention to the economy.

In Colorado in general and along the Front Range in particular, the economy is doing fine. That is not so around the country based on what happened on election night in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Iowa.

Some of those states hadn’t voted a Republican for President since the Reagan era. There are a lot of theories about why that changed, but my guess is, in part, it was because of the lingering effects of the so-called Great Recession. Eight years of around 1% growth in the Gross Domestic Product left a lot of people behind economically.

Here’s hoping that both political parties got the message: grow the economy.