2021 Election Candidate Interviews

The Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce has made it a priority to support the election of City Council Members who support business and job creation.

For the April 6, 2021 City of Fort Collins Election, the Chamber is endorsing the following candidates for the City Council:

All of the announced candidates were asked to complete a Candidate’s Questionnaire and complete an interview with the Election Committee.  The Chamber Board of Directors, in their review of candidates, considered the responses to the Candidate’s Questionnaire and the candidate’s interviews as well as the following traits:  Character/Integrity, Motivated, Balanced, Committed, Electable, Knowledge of Community Issues/Governance, Community Service & Experience and Leadership & Communication Skills.


Councilmember District 1

Councilmember District 3

Councilmember District 4 (two-year term to fill vacancy)

Councilmember District 5

 **Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce Endorsed Candidates

Please note: The Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce is pleased to provide education, information and analysis of local issues and candidates specifically for its members. The opinions expressed in this website are meant to give Chamber members a perspective that advocates for the business community and the city’s overall quality of life, and to give members insight into the potential impacts of local issues and candidates.