Remember the Chamber as an Election Resource

Sep 25, 2018 | Economy, Elections

The Colorado 2018 General Election ballots will be mailed out starting October 15. That gives voters just about three weeks to review, learn and make educated decisions on who and what to vote for.

There are some weighty issues on the ballot including anti-fracking setbacks, transportation funding, mental health facilities funding, and education funding.

The Fort Collins Chamber website can be a valuable source as you shift your way through campaign materials, websites, endorsements and propaganda.

The Chamber has made recommendations and endorsements based on what we believe is important to our current and future workforce, our quality of life and our economic future. The elections page has a spot for resources, candidates’ interviews and other documents for your reference.

Currently, the Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce has recommended a YES vote on the following issues:

  • Amendment Y: Independent Commission for Congressional Redistricting Amendment
  • Amendment Z: Independent Commission for State Legislative Redistricting Amendment
  • Colorado Proposition 109: “Fix Our Damn Roads” Transportation Bond Initiative
  • Colorado Proposition 110, “Let’s Go Colorado” Transportation Bond and Sales Tax Increase Initiative
  • Larimer County Ballot Issue 1A: Mental Health Matters Sales Tax Increase

The Chamber is recommending a NO vote on the following issues:

  • Amendment 73: Establish Income Tax Brackets and Raise Taxes for Education Initiative
  • Colorado Proposition 112: Minimum Distance Requirements for New Oil, Gas, and Fracking Projects Initiative

Regarding candidates, you need to know two things. First, the Chamber is nonpartisan meaning political party affiliation is not a consideration. Second, the Chamber endorses candidates for some local offices but does not interview or endorse candidates for state or federal offices. For the November elections, the Chamber is endorsing this candidate:

  • Sean Dougherty, District 1, Larimer County Board of Commissioners

Again, go here for more information.