Page Lambert Writing Workshop


During this 3-hour writing workshop, Page Lambert will guide us through the sensory world of language. Using responsive writing techniques, we will look at the world through the multi-cultural lens of National Geographic’s 50 Greatest Photographs, experiencing the varied perspectives of the world through the eyes of these many featured photographers. From this broad and expansive viewpoint, we will narrow our perspective as we are drawn into the intimate edges of the human and natural world as experienced through the artful eye of Kiliii Yuyan. This writing workshop will move us into a deeper understanding of the power of details and sense-based language, and into a deeper knowing of the power of writing from a responsive relationship with the world.

Page Lambert’s writing is found inside monumental sculptures at the Denver Art Museum, online at Huffington Post, and in dozens of anthologies about the West. Nominated for two Pushcart Prizes, she designs and teaches graduate writing courses for the University of Denver’s professional creative writing program. A leader of creative adventures for 23 years, her river writing journeys for women were featured in Oprah’s O Magazine as “One of the top six great all-girl getaways of the year.” Upcoming adventures include Weaving Words & Women in Peru, Literature & Landscape of the Horse in Wyoming, River Writing in Utah, Autumn Writing in the Berkshires, and Tuscany Primavera, a renaissance retreat in Italy. Author of the memoir In Search of Kinship and the novel Shifting Star recently published works include the essay “Not for Sale” (Langscape Magazine, 2018), “The Rural West” (The Light Shines from the West, Fulcrum Books, 2018), and “Deerstalking” (Memoir Magazine, Guns and People Issue, 2018).

Lambert writes the blog All Things Literary/All Things Natural from her Colorado home in the mountains west of Denver.

Date: Wednesday, December 4th
Time: 5:00pm - 8:00pm
Company: Museum of Art | Fort Collins
Location: 201 S. College Ave.

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