Value of the Chamber

Big Progress on Big Issues

Widening I-25, finding workers for area employers, standing up for business, and retaining key existing employers are all big priorities for the Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce.

As reported in this space several times during 2017, the Chamber hired a consultant in mid-2016 to interview business and community leaders about the area’s biggest challenges. That led to the public launch in March of Northern Colorado Prospers, a 5-year key strategic initiative campaign to tackle those four ...

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Let’s Talk Money

Tomorrow is the official kickoff of the Chamber’s annual campaign, Moving Fort Collins Forward. This is the 7th edition of the campaign. It will run from September 6 through November 16, ten-and-a-half weeks.

Some of you are probably thinking ‘Didn’t the Chamber just finish a campaign?’ Very good! Points to you for being observant. Yes, we completed a campaign in July, but it was for Northern Colorado Prospers.

The Chamber is focusing on long-term strategic issues like securing the...

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Big Thanks for a Big Campaign

Nearby is a recap of the Chamber’s annual Moving Fort Collins Forward! Campaign.  I hope you’ll take a minute to read it.

I want to extend my personal thanks to all of the people who supported the campaign.  We had company CEOs agree to have teams in the campaign and Vice Chairs that lent their prestige.  The team captains and team members were unbelievable and fun to work with.  Our leaders were Yvonne Myers of Columbine Health and Chris Otto of EKS&H.  This dynamic duo led us t...

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Credit Where Credit is Due

Last Wednesday evening 500+ people gathered at the Hilton for the Chamber’s Annual Dinner. It was great to hear the buzz in the room. People were so into visiting that it was hard to get the event started! And, it was great to see very worthy people honored for their contributions to the Chamber and community including outgoing Chair Yvonne Myers, outgoing Treasurer / Board Director Jason Ells, Allison Hines as Young Professional of the Year, Steve Tool as Volunteer of the Year and Karen Weitk...

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Chamber Priorities in 2016

Recently I reviewed with you what the Chamber got accomplished in 2015.

For 2016, the Chamber has another big year teed up. Subject to final approval by the Board the month, here are the top priorities for the year:

Lobby to secure funding to widen North I-25 to 3 lanes each way between Highway 14 in Fort Collins and Highway 66 north of Longmont. We have made good progress here over the past two years as I have previously reported but much remains to be done. We will be making a big push ...

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Successful Moving Fort Collins Forward! Campaign Buys Impact and Quality

As you know from the update in today’s Chamber SmartBrief e-Weekly, the Chamber’s annual Moving Fort Collins Forward! campaign is over and was very successful. When the residual pledges and numbers finish coming in, campaign volunteers will have raised over $700,000 and recruited 100 new members in just 11 weeks. Very impressive!

But while we measure progress with numbers, what do they really mean?

First of all, as I’ve said in this space before, we don’t raise money for the sake o...

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Get Something From or Done Through Your Chamber

What do you want to get out of your chamber of commerce?

A comprehensive study by the Greater Kitchener-Waterloo Chamber in Ontario looked at participation and member motivation styles. They found that some people are motivated to get something done through their chamber while others are motivated to get something from their chamber. Some people were community-focused and others were enterprise-focused, meaning wanting to get direct benefits from the chamber.

The nearby chart has four quad...

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The Fast Track to Staying Informed

Do you have 3-5 hours to spend attending or watching the City Council meetings every week? Nobody does (except of course Kevin Jones on our staff). Yet, city government can have a big impact on the business community through its plans, regulations, laws and fees and taxes.

Instead of 180-300 minutes a week or ignoring city government altogether, keep informed by watching the Chamber’s weekly Two-Minute Update. You can see a sample here. In roughly two minutes, our staff gives you the highli...

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Fix I-25, Good-Paying Jobs, Stand Up for Biz

At its most fundamental, your chamber of commerce is a tool for you to 1) market your company, and 2) affect issues that impact the local economy.To those broad ends, the Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce annually conducts the Moving Fort Collins Forward! campaign. The number goals for this year's campaign are 100 new members and $550,000 of financial support.More specifically, there are 21 programs up for sponsorship in this year's campaign. Many of them great avenues for marketing your ...

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It All Begins with Why

Purpose matters. Why your organization exists drives your decisions and actions.Inspired by a TED presentation by Simon Sinek, the author of the “Start With Why,” last year the Chamber Board had a series of conversations about the Chamber and its purpose. The ‘Start With Why’ discussions were very interesting and really engaged board members. It was clear this was not an intellectual exercise. This was about their hearts. They aren’t investing t...

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