Mission and Core Values


The Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce proactively empowers business people to build a community where business can thrive and citizens are proud to live.

The Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce is the influential business leader which ensures an economically vibrant and livable region.

Core Values:

  • The community’s fundamental existence rests upon the foundation of a healthy economy, which is achieved through successful business.  Our community needs its businesses to flourish.
  • Economic development creates wealth for the community as a whole and for residents within the community.  It strengthens the community’s stability and provides resources for quality of life enhancements.
  • We believe a growing economy improves the wealth and viability of the community.  To achieve that end, our community’s’ key economic strategy needs to be the attraction and expansion of primary employers.
  • We believe the community must reinvent and re-examine itself to remain competitive and to create its preferred future.
  • A regional approach to economic opportunities is essential, and as Northern Colorado’s largest business association, we have a responsibility to provide leadership to drive regional priorities to completion.
  • We have strong, mutually respectful working relationships between Chamber volunteers and Chamber staff.  Staff is committed to volunteer experiences which are rewarding, satisfying and meaningful.
  • It is incumbent upon our leaders to honor the organization’s past while leading creative processes to shape its future.
  • In the conduct of our work, we strive to meet high expectations, to respect and protect the resources of our community and our members, be honest and trustworthy in motives and actions, be visionary and open to all possibilities, be respectful and inclusive of various viewpoints and act with strength and conviction even in the face of adversity.