You are invited to join us as OneVoice for Housing

by | Mar 12, 2024 | From the CEO, Housing

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You are invited to join us as OneVoice for Housing

by | Mar 12, 2024 | From the CEO, Housing

I am excited to invite our membership to be part of something that matters, advocating for housing options in our community.  As you know the Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce is deeply committed to inspiring housing solutions for our community.  We lead NoCo Housing NOW!, are a founding member of OneVoice for Housing and work tirelessly to make sure policy makers understand the impact of their actions on the affordability and supply of housing in our community.  When we spend time with employers they express concerns about the availability of housing in Fort Collins and the region and the direct impact on your employees.

I am inviting you to join us as an ambassador or partner as we organize, educate, and advocate under the banner of OneVoice for Housing.

OneVoice for Housing is a network of organizations and leaders supporting equitable housing policies and options for all ages and stages of life.  We believe HOME is KEY to an economically vibrant and inclusive community with thriving neighborhoods and residents.

Click here for information including a list of our founding members. Together, we create a louder megaphone!  Your participation matters and you will receive updates on opportunities to engage in this work in a hands-on way. 

It is important to us to amplify the voices of those who are not always heard. Support of OneVoice for Housing is suggested at the following levels, but we want anyone interested to join, regardless of ability to pay. 

  • Individuals: Suggested Donation $25
  • Non-Profit Organizations: $100-250
  • Corporate & Institutional Partners: $500

Ready to add your voice?  Visit to sign-up online.

And mark your calendar!  The Fort Collins City Council will consider adopting a “foundational land use code” at their April 2 meeting.  This is our third attempt at updating our basic code to create greater opportunity for housing solutions in our community.  We invite you to share your voice!

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