Set Aside the Day Saturday September 5, 2015

Come Fish in a Tournament or Be a Fan

Come Golf in a Tournament or Be a Fan

Come To Just Enjoy the Day
Fly Fishing and Spin Casting…A true Art Form

Golfing ….An American Favorite Pass Time

Help Raise money to support Veterans and the Programs that support them …meet Vets, their families and friends and supporters

200 competitors and Veterans signing up for the Tournaments, sponsorships or as guests at the BBQ Award Ceremonies will have special passes to bull riding at the ajoining beach partners on Water Valley West “Bulls on the Beach” a Budweiser Televised competitive events. Saturday is a warm up for pros and a Welcome to WYCO Veterans and their Partners in this Inaugural WYCO Event . Shuttle Bus between the two areas is Available.

Visit for more information and an overview of the days events.