As the Super Bowl quickly approaches, team members from all six regional Wing Shack locations rush to prepare for the high demand of chicken wings on game day. Americans will enjoy a record setting amount of chicken wings during Super Bowl weekend and Wing Shack will be ready to contribute:

  • Wing Shack is projecting to serve 11 tons of its fresh, never frozen chicken wings. That’s a total of 200.000 wings – approximately the same weight as 6 mid-sized sedans. During peak demand, all six Wing Shack locations will be freshly preparing about 17,000 wings an hour.
  • The Wing Shack team will spend around 150 combined hours total hours making 600 gallons of its homemade ranch dressing.
  • Over Super Bowl weekend, the Wing Shack will serve enough hot and garlic hot sauce (the two most popular sauces) to fill up a hot tub – about 240 gallons.
  • Last year, the largest order placed at the Wing Shack was for 1500 wings – that’s enough for all residents in Garden City (the small town where Wing Shack was founded) to enjoy about 6 wings each!

Due to the high demand, Wing Shack highly encourages its guests to preorder their wings. To make preordering for the Super Bowl as easy as possible, the Wing Shack has a robust online ordering system and a mobile app which allows orders to be placed in advance. Super Bowl orders can be placed in store and over the phone as well. Despite prime ordering times already filling up, Director of Operations Steve Murlowski feels confident: “As long as you preorder your wings, we are certain that we will have your order ready at the time you requested.”

The Wing Shack and the Super Bowl have been a regional tradition for 14 years and the Wing Shack is proud to be part of so many parties and celebrations. This year, the Wing Shack will be doing a special promotion for all orders on the Super Bowl. Every order will be accompanied with a scratch off ticket and a chance to win one of seven different prizes, including free fries and drinks, free wings, and even a $100 gift card to the Wing Shack.

For any inquiries regarding Super Bowl weekend at the Wing Shack, please contact Doug Baker at (970) 396 8133 or by email at [email protected].
Wing Shack is a family friendly, locally owned, casual wing restaurant. Originally founded in a tiny “shack” in 2004, it has grown to six regional locations and a mobile unit. We are guided by a passion for quality, service and value within our restaurant, our team, and our community.