Why Not Fort Collins

A reporter called recently and said, “We know why companies locate in Fort Collins/Larimer County, but we don’t know why some companies consider us but locate elsewhere.” Her question: Why would a company hesitate to come here?

There it was: out in the open. It’s something we chamber types and businesspeople talk about, but among ourselves. Yes, we also discuss it with public officials but with mixed results.

Basically my answer came down to two things:

  • The government decision processes can be too slow and too uncertain. This is an unacceptable risk that companies will not accept when they have other viable options.
  • City policy pushes too many costs and requirements onto business. Whether actual or perceived, the impression of some employers is that they are not a priority of local government.

If you’re so inclined, here’s the Coloradoan story. Also, the Chamber produced a “Jobs Agenda” which is referenced in the story.