Where Will Fort Collins Jobs Come From?

Where will the jobs come from? As American workers struggle to recover from the Great Recession, they aren’t alone. According to Gallup polling, the number 1 issue on the minds of people everywhere in the world is a good paying job.

As I mentioned last week, in his recent book, The Coming Jobs War, Gallup Chairman Jim Clifton says that there 3 billion people on the globe looking for a good job and there are only1.2 billion such jobs available. The 1.8 billion jobs shortfall is a ticking time bomb. He contends that creating jobs is Job #1 for all public and community leaders.

In that spirit, the Fort Collins region is focused on creating jobs, which is the topic of a Chamber event on August 9 called “The Future of Jobs.” Sessions include: Primary Employer Trends in Larimer County; An Economic Roadmap for the City of Fort Collins; What Kinds of Companies are Looking at Northern Colorado; and How We are Growing Our Own Companies.

If you’re interested in the economic future of the community, development insights, and career insights, this is a must session to attend.

You can learn more and make reservations here.