Where Will Fort Collins Jobs Come From?

Jul 31, 2012 | Business & Economy, Business-Friendly Environment, Economy, Talent

Where will the jobs come from? As American workers struggle to recover from the Great Recession, they aren’t alone. According to Gallup polling, the number 1 issue on the minds of people everywhere in the world is a good paying job.

As I mentioned last week, in his recent book, The Coming Jobs War, Gallup Chairman Jim Clifton says that there 3 billion people on the globe looking for a good job and there are only1.2 billion such jobs available. The 1.8 billion jobs shortfall is a ticking time bomb. He contends that creating jobs is Job #1 for all public and community leaders.

In that spirit, the Fort Collins region is focused on creating jobs, which is the topic of a Chamber event on August 9 called “The Future of Jobs.” Sessions include: Primary Employer Trends in Larimer County; An Economic Roadmap for the City of Fort Collins; What Kinds of Companies are Looking at Northern Colorado; and How We are Growing Our Own Companies.

If you’re interested in the economic future of the community, development insights, and career insights, this is a must session to attend.

You can learn more and make reservations here.