The reopening of the Horsetooth and College intersection and West Horsetooth Road has been rescheduled and will reopen to traffic in all directions no later than the morning of Sunday, Sept. 16.

The road was originally scheduled to open on Sept. 10, and crews have been working nearly around the clock for several weeks in an effort to meet that schedule and make up for days lost due to unforeseen underground conditions.

The closure extension will allow crews to work with the irrigation ditch company to complete a large portion of the College Avenue box widening, ultimately reducing the number of single-lane reductions through the remainder of the project.  One left-turn lane will reopen on Sept. 10 from southbound College Avenue to eastbound Horsetooth Road.

“The original opening date of Sept. 10 was set with a very aggressive schedule and incentives to try to minimize impacts to businesses and the traveling public,” said Project Manager Dan Woodward.  “The project team has been working days, nights and weekends in an attempt to meet that schedule. Extending this closure by a week allows the team to open more intersection turning movements and travel lanes while keeping the overall project schedule on track for an early November completion.”

All businesses are open during construction and business access will be maintained at all times. Please note specific business access signs as some existing accesses may be temporarily relocated during the closure.


Horsetooth & College Intersection Improvements

The Horsetooth and College intersection is one of the busiest in Fort Collins and is a top-ranked location for safety and operational improvements. Currently the intersection experiences heavy congestion during peak traffic times and a high number of left-turn crashes.

The intersection improvements include:

  • Dual left-turn lanes on College and Horsetooth in all directions
  • Northbound and southbound right-turn lanes on College with pedestrian refuge islands
  • Improved bicycle and pedestrian facilities on Horsetooth from Mason Street to Mitchell Drive
  • Full replacement of the Horsetooth bridge over Larimer Canal No. 2
  • Widen existing College bridge over the canal and replace pedestrian bridge
  • Landscaped medians and urban design elements to create a warm and friendly intersection

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