Welcome to Dance Express’ New Executive Assistant

Mar 11, 2022 | Member News

Dance Express is proud to introduce Karla Easterling, the new Executive Assistant. Karla volunteered in 2003, helping with rehearsal and performances, and shared her time, talent, and energy there for nearly five years. Karla paused her volunteer role to complete her bachelor’s degree at Colorado State University. In 2010, Karla earned her Liberal Arts degree in International Studies with a Latin American concentration and is bilingual in Spanish. Over the years, she maintained strong enthusiasm and support for dance and inclusive communities, especially for Dance Express dancers! In 2022, Karla begins her internship as a key addition for outreach, dance workshops, assisting with operating, fundraising, and promotional tasks. Her dream is to fulfill the Dance Express vision for a future home as part of an inclusive Fort Collins. When you meet Karla at a Chamber of Commerce event, talk to her about how you might help the Dance Express legacy. Welcome abroad, Karla! She looks forward to meeting you all.