FORT COLLINS, COLO. – Jan. 22, 2016 – Local favorite, Cheba Hut “toasted subs” has fully embraced the digital experience with their new online ordering app. The NC-17 rated app has been created to streamline the process of ordering Cheba Hut from the convenience of any smartphone or tablet. Recently, the Colorado-based toasted sub franchise, with soon to be 17 locations, partnered with Olo, whose platform has led the online ordering industry for almost a decade. Through the Cheba Hut app, customers are now able to pick their local shop and order delivery or pick-up orders with a few short steps.

“We want an easy, convenient way for our fans to get a quick meal, while still providing the same experience that sets us apart,” said founder Scott Jennings. “The app itself fits our culture, and is extremely easy to navigate through. We saw some difficulty with the approval process based on our theme, but ultimately we were still able to keep it cool and get the app live.”

Cheba Hut was founded in order to cater to a specific counter culture, while also heavily focusing on an in-shop experience that Jennings noticed a lack of in other restaurant concepts. The opportunity to deliver to people who weren’t able to make it to the store soon became a top priority for Jennings. With the integration of the OLO ordering process and the user-friendly Cheba Hut app, the company has high hopes of drastic increases in their already strong delivery presence.

The online ordering process itself came as a phase two in a complete POS overhaul. After testing in the local Boulder sub-shop, Cheba Hut teamed up with Silicon Valley’s own, Revel POS systems. The iPad based systems with Cloud software will soon be in all 17 locations by the beginning of 2016. With Olo’s integration into these Revel POS systems, the company looks forward to seamless training and minimal room for errors for the employees preparing the orders.

About Cheba Hut

Scott Jennings opened Cheba Hut’s first location in Tempe, Arizona in 1998 and has since then expanded to selling its “toasted” subs from 16 locations in six states. The marijuana-themed sandwich shop is best known for its proprietary bread, homemade sauces and delicious sandwiches named after strains of marijuana and other references to the pot culture. For more information on Cheba Hut, please visit

About Olo

Founded in 2005, Olo is the original and best-in-class provider of online and mobile ordering capabilities for the restaurant industry. More than 150 top restaurant brands rely on Olo’s award-winning multi-channel sales platform to seamlessly integrate online and mobile orders with their point-of-sale systems, so operators have freedom of choice in technology and maintain an independent relationship with their customers. Today, more than 13 million customers use Olo to order ahead and get food faster at their favorite restaurants across the U.S. Learn more at