Webinar Invitation: Covid-19 Business Strategy Webinar: Making Your Business a Consumer Destination

May 11, 2020 | Member News

The Downtown Development Authority and Downtown Fort Collins Business Association are excited to announce a partnership with internationally-recognized speaker and business expert, Jon Schallert, for an upcoming live webinar titled “Covid-19 Business Strategy Webinar: Making Your Business a Consumer Destination.” The webinar will be free for downtown businesses on behalf of the Downtown Development Authority.

Live Webinar Title: “Covid-19 Business Strategy Webinar: Making Your Business a Consumer Destination”

Live Webinar Date & Time: Wednesday May 20th from 7:30am – 9:30am

Webinar Specifics: Jon will conduct a live webinar 1 hour in length followed up by up to 1 hour of answering questions submitted by participants prior to and during the webinar.

The DBA & DDA will follow up with a separate digital meeting link as the date approaches.

In advance of the webinar, Jon would like your assistance helping him prepare for his session by answering the following questions.  Your truthful and frank feedback will be only seen by Jon and your responses will be entirely confidential.  When you are done, please click “Submit” at the bottom.

View Business Strategy Webinar Questionnaire

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