Ways to Connect with the CSU College of Business

Jan 6, 2023 | Member News

We believe business has the power to solve the most complex human challenges.

At Colorado State University’s College of Business, we know business with a conscience changes the world for good every day. We instill this message in our students, who become graduates, who become employees and leaders who use what they’ve learned here to make a difference.

The idea that business can transform lives has guided the College since it was founded in 1966. Since then, we’ve continually challenged ourselves to find new and innovative ways to offer students the best possible business education. Never content to settle for the status quo, our faculty and staff put their research insights and professional skills to use in creating opportunities for experiential learning inside and outside the classroom.

The College of Business engages and connects with students inside and outside the classroom, from expanding access to education through our Mosaic classroom and developing student leadership skills and networks with extracurriculars to broadening horizons and providing hands-on learning with case studies and study abroad, Together, we build a sense of community, pursue our goals and continue our tradition of excellence.


Connecting with the College of Business
Colorado State University
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Connect with the Institute for Entrepreneurship:
The Institute for Entrepreneurship (I4E) can connect you with CSU and community resources if you are interested in 1) launching a new product in your existing business; 2) starting a new business; and/or 3) developing an entrepreneurial mindset.

Get digital marketing help:
Greenhorn Digital Marketing Agency (https://greenhorndigital.com/) is a student-run agency that provides web-page design, electronic advertising design, E-marketing advice.

Get assistance with a marketing research project:
Course-based Marketing Research mini-projects: small marketing research projects to be completed by students in a marketing research course.

Mentor a student:
Learn about our three unique mentoring programs: https://cobmentoringcolostate.chronus.com/

Hire a business student:

Hire any CSU student:
Explore CSU Career Center website for information (https://career.colostate.edu/employers/)

Connect with a student club or organization to host a tour or speak:
General website (https://biz.colostate.edu/resources/clubs-and-organizations) provides a list of student clubs and organizations with descriptions and link to appropriate contact.

Be involved in a classroom project or serve as a guest classroom speaker:
Contact department chair to connect you with appropriate faculty member.

Send your kid to a program for Middle and High School Students:
General website (https://biz.colostate.edu/academics/high-school-programs) provides information on the various middle school and high school programing opportunities.

Engage in professional development:

College of Business Connect!:
General website for different ways you can connect with the CSU College of Business (https://biz.colostate.edu/engage-and-connect)

Connect with Entrepreneurs across the nation with One Million Cups:
• See the schedule for northern Colorado meetup events (https://www.meetup.com/1mcnoco/events)
• Visit the general website for northern Colorado (https://www.1millioncups.com/noco)