Vote Today…and be Nice Tomorrow

Nov 6, 2012 | Economy, Elections

Finally, Election Day. A year plus of primaries and general election campaigns are mercifully coming to an endâ?¦hopefully. By that, I mean, except for close races that might trigger recounts.

But let’s be optimistic and hope for the best, which means clear winners and losers.

What will tomorrow bring? Well, for certain, about half of the population will be happy, and the other half will not be. For the sake of family-friend-community-workplace comity, here’s hoping the former don’t lord it over the latter.

Oh, and the sun will come up.

Other than those two things, everything else at the moment is still a mystery. The candidates at all levels and their campaign advisors and workers will chase ballots today. In some cases it will make a difference, but one suspects that at this point most voters have it sorted out.

If you still need to vote, here’s a link to the Larimer County Election website with drop-off and voting locations.