Visit Fort Collins to Launch Fort Collins Marketplace

Sep 22, 2020 | Member News

Visit Fort Collins will be launching an eCommerce marketplace for local businesses to showcase the best of what they do and keep those cash registers ringing! We are excited to offer a Fort Collinscentric marketplace, home to products and experiences that make Fort Collins special.
Lets’ work together to keep our businesses strong and successful.

Visit Fort Collins Marketplace Benefits include a strong brand and proven track record in reaching residents and visitors.
• Visit Fort Collins Website: Over 1 Million Webpage Views
• 38K Instagram Followers
• 7K Twitter Followers
• 12K Facebook Followers
• Over 60K Newsletter Subscribers
• Weekly Things to Do Newsletter
• Advertising for eCommerce

With low fees and a custom-built commerce site, Visit Fort Collins can help businesses and individuals with eCommerce tools, best practices, support, and education on how to enter the online selling world or widen your exposure to a growing customer base.

Click Here for How the Visit Fort Collins eCommerce Program will work!