Ann Hutchison to serve on Innosphere’s Ventures Regional Board

Mar 23, 2023 | Chamber News

The Fort Collins Area  Chamber is thrilled to announce that President and CEO, Ann Hutchison, has been appointed as a new board member for Innosphere Ventures Regional Board! It is an honor to be selected to serve on the board of such a prestigious organization committed to supporting innovation and growth in our community.

As a board member, Ann is excited to work alongside some of our region’s most talented and dedicated professionals to drive positive change and make a real impact. She looks forward to leveraging my skills and experience to help advance the board’s mission and support its initiatives.

Ann is grateful for the opportunity to serve in this role and is committed to working hard to help Innospheres Regional Board achieve its goals. She look forward to collaborating with my fellow board members and the broader community to promote innovation, entrepreneurship, and economic growth in our region.

Thank you for your support, and Ann looks forward to this exciting new chapter!