Three Fort Collins/Loveland Companies are Finalists in 3rd Annual Colorado Manufacturing Awards

Mar 29, 2018 | Member News

NoCo Partnership Collaborates with Colorado Manufacturing Awards to Select Finalists in the Consumer & Lifestyle Category

Denver, Colorado – Four Northern Colorado companies have been named finalists in the third-annual Colorado Manufacturing Awards (CMA), representatives from the NoCo Manufacturing Partnership announced. They include Tolmar in the Outstanding Bioscience Manufacturer category; Manes Machine in the Outstanding Contract Manufacturer category; and Lightning Systems in the Outstanding Energy/Environment Manufacturer category. For more information on these and other category finalists, visit CompanyWeek’s article Spotlight: 2018 Colorado Mfg. Awards Finalists.

Three Colorado companies have been named finalists in the Outstanding Consumer & Lifestyle Brand category of the Colorado Manufacturing Awards (CMA), with help from the NoCo Manufacturing Partnership. They include Sarabella Fishing and Knotty Tie of Denver and Vintage Overland of Grand Junction. The Partnership helped CMA organizers select worthy finalists from a broad field of nominee companies for this award category. Other trade organizations and associations across the wide spectrum of Colorado manufacturing industries helped select finalists in other categories.

“NoCo continues to demonstrate support of manufacturing across a range of industries,” said Heidi Hostetter, 2018 NoCo Partnership chairperson and chair of the group’s NOCOM 2018 trade show. “This year we partnered with the Colorado Manufacturing Awards by hosting the Consumer & Lifestyle category, a reflection of the state’s opportunity to grow manufacturing in this and other important, emerging markets in the consumer space – like the outdoor industry.”

Hostetter added, “For our NOCOM 2018 trade show, we took that commitment and theme and are providing NOCOM attendees a breakfast keynote from Jim Davidson, who comes from this same industry and will speak to resiliency and collaborative efforts across sectors. Jim will also remind us that leadership is a characteristic that we leverage most in our darkest hours not our finest moments.”

Bart Taylor, CompanyWeek publisher and co-presenter of the Colorado Manufacturing Awards along with Manufacturer’s Edge, noted the quality of the NoCo nominees and reiterated Colorado’s opportunity to expand its manufacturing base. “NoCo helped identify three great finalists, from across the state – Denver’s Knotty Tie and Sarabella Fishing, and Grand Junction’s Vintage Overland. It was a magnanimous tip of the cap to communities across the state, even though Ft. Collins/Loveland is home to three Colorado Manufacturing Awards finalists among the ten industry categories.

“Our larger opportunity is to continue to expand the manufacturing conversation, and follow the lead of new companies and leaders that are putting a modern face on today’s sector,” Taylor said. “We’re fortunate to partner with Heidi and the NoCo team.”

NoCo members get a 20% discount to attend the third-annual Colorado Manufacturing Awards in Denver on April 5 from5:00 to 8:00 p.m. at the Cable Center on the University of Denver campus. Register for the event here, or contact Katie Keating for more information.

About the Colorado Manufacturing Awards

When: Thursday, April 5th, 2018, 5:00 to 8:00 p.m.

Where: Cable Center, University of Denver campus, 2000 Buchtel Blvd. S.

The CMAs are sponsored by CompanyWeek and are regarded as an important annual manufacturing and supply chain event. This year, for the first time, trade organizations and associations representing the full diversity of Colorado manufacturing industries will be recognized for excellence in manufacturing support and advocacy.

Award categories include Outstanding Consumer/Lifestyle Brand, Outstanding Distiller, Outstanding Brewer, Small Food Brand of the Year, Outstanding Aerospace Manufacturer, Outstanding Bioscience Manufacturer, Outstanding Contract Manufacturer, Outstanding Outdoor Industry Brand, Outstanding Energy/Environment Manufacturer, and Outstanding Industrial/Equipment Manufacturer. All finalists have shown uncommon commitment to dynamic growth, quality, and innovation.

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The NoCo Manufacturing Partnership was formed in 2013 as a result of Governor Hickenlooper’s state Economic Development plan called the Colorado Blue Print. The Blue Print identified 11 key sectors of the economy in Colorado by region. Northern Colorado’s two main sectors identified were Health and Wellness and Advanced Manufacturing. A collaboration arose as part of the Blue Print process involving people from each of these affiliations and the NoCo Manufacturing Partnership was born. It continues to be an all-volunteer, business-led, FREE membership organization designed to support Northern Colorado manufacturers. Find us on the web, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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