In Les Miserables, Victor Hugo wrote “Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come”. 160 years later and still reeling in shock from the Marshall Fire, I disagree. The impacts of climate change are more powerful than our ideas to reverse them, but that does not mean we should not rise to the challenge and keep developing new tools and adaptations. Future Proof of Property is a first-of-kind service business that combines multiple existing technologies to create smart solutions to prepare us all for the increased likelihood of natural disasters and property loss.

Future Proof of Property creates hundreds of high-resolution digital photos and videos of property (real estate and personal property) and stores them for free, long-term, in a private cloud-based locker so they are always available to the customer. The company has hired and trained teams to use pre-programmed cameras that encrypt and send each image to a secured locker as they are taken, assuring that customer images remain private. The customer receives copies of the images, but their originals remain stored, for free, and can be accessed and certified in the future for legal or insurance purposes.

Future Proof of Property’s target market includes all owners, managers, and renters of property. “Digital image records are an essential disaster recovery tool that is most-often overlooked, but they should be the foundation of everyone’s disaster preparedness and recovery plan.” said Diana Wilson, Founder of the company.
For more information:, (970)-682-5757.