The Path to State Economic Recovery

Jul 6, 2011 | Business & Economy, Business-Friendly Environment, Economy, Talent

The path to economic recovery for states and the nation can be accomplished through four strategies according to a study released on June 20 by The Praxis Group commissioned by the National Chamber Foundation. They include: redesigning government, curbing spending, modernizing the tax system, and eliminating onerous regulations. The study, titled “Enterprising States: Recovery and Renewal for the 21st Century,” details specific strategies each state can use to improve job creation and economic competitiveness.

Generally Colorado shows well in the study including:

  • 1st        Small Business Lending
  • 2nd        High-tech Share of All Businesses
  • 2nd        Academic R&D Intensity
  • 3rd        Entrepreneurial Activity
  • 5th        STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) Job Concentration
  • 7th        High School Advanced Placement Intensity
  • 8th        Median Family Income
  • 10th      Small Business Survival Index
  • 10th      Educational Attainment
  • 12th      State and Local Tax Burden
  • 14th      Business Birth Rate
  • 15th      Business Tax  Climate
  • 15th      Higher-ed Degree Output
  • 15th      Productivity Growth
  • 16th      High Speed Broadband Availability
  • 17th      Gross State Product Growth
  • 18th      Economic Output Per Job
  • 19th      Transportation Infrastructure Performance
  • 22nd      Higher-ed Efficiency
  • 24th      Long-term Job Growth
  • 25th      College Affordability