The Matthews House – 10k Match!

May 1, 2020 | Member News

The Matthews House mission is to empower youth and families by providing resources and building trusting relationships to disrupt cycles of poverty and abuse, AND we have and will continue this mission through these unprecedented times.

Stable housing, food security, employment support, and basic necessities are quickly emerging as immediate needs for our families. While abiding by social distancing practices, our staff has responded by providing food boxes, facilitating connections with community resources, and remaining a consistent trusting relationship through telecommunications. Every day we continue working hard to protect the vulnerable populations we serve.

Like many other nonprofits we had to cancel our biggest fundraiser of the year. To still raise these critical funds we launched an online campaign called Holding Hope. In alignment with #GivingTuesdayNow, on May 4th & 5th we have a 10k match thanks to The Bluebonnet Fund.

We ask you to stand with us in supporting our youth and families as we work with them in navigating getting their basic needs met. We continue to stand beside them, and we ask you to join us by donating at

Follow us on social media where we will be sharing our current needs, the ways our staff continue to engage with participants, as well as inspirational stories highlighting resilience. Learn more at

Thanks to the Richardson Foundation for a 50K match earlier in the campaign and for the sponsors that helped kick it off – Realities for Children, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, UCHealth, Sage Benefit Advisors, Hach, Select Roofing Contractors, and The Genesis Project.