The Broadcom Fort Collins Semiconductor Manufacturing Facility Receives Award from Larimer County

Aug 15, 2023 | Member News

Broadcom announces 33% reduction in Scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from 2021-2022 and a 68% reduction since 2015

Facility Ranked #1 Among Large Businesses in Colorado for Emission Reductions; Receives Larimer County Environmental Stewardship Award for 2023

Climate Action:

The Broadcom Fort Collins semiconductor manufacturing facility recently received an award from Larimer County based on a 33% reduction in Scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from 2021-2022 and a 68% reduction since 2015.

This makes Broadcom the statewide leader in reductions from large businesses in Colorado required to report GHG emissions. Broadcom is also leading the way locally in Fort Collins. Based on publicly reported data from 2015-2020, Broadcom’s Fort Collins facility emissions went from 12.7% in 2015 to 7.9% in 2020 of total community emissions, while over the same period Broadcom’s Fort Collins facility emissions reductions represented 33% of community emissions reductions.

Most emission reductions at the Fort Collins facility have come from installing abatement units that capture GHGs emitted in the manufacturing process before they are released into the atmosphere. Broadcom is proud of the Fort Collins facility being one of the early adopters of point-of-use abatement units.


For its work reducing emissions, the facility also announced it was one of five recipients of the Larimer County Environmental Stewardship Award for 2023. The award recognizes individuals and organizations in the county that are good stewards of the environment. More details on the awards and the environmental efforts of the Broadcom Fort Collins facility can be found here: Environmental Stewardship Awards | Larimer County


“These reductions are the result of a sustained effort to reduce emissions from our manufacturing processes over the last decade. We’re proud to be a leader in Colorado’s manufacturing sector in reducing our contribution to climate change,” said Kamran Azad, Broadcom Environmental Health and Safety Manager

“With current and future process-related emissions under control, the projects we’re designing now would switch our existing building heating, a major source of combustion based emissions, from natural gas-based equipment to electricity. With Platte River Power Authority and its member cities, including Fort Collins committing to 100% clean electricity by 2030, fuel switching like this would help us further drive down our GHG emissions,” said Steve Wolley, Broadcom Senior Manager, Semiconductor Cleanroom Technologies

“These emissions results are remarkable. We’re fortunate to have a top employer in our region doing more than their share like this,” said Ann Hutchison, President and CEO of the Fort Collins Chamber of Commerce


The Fort Collins facility is Broadcom’s largest manufacturing facility worldwide and a major employer for Larimer County. Broadcom operations represent more than 10% of the Fort Collins GDP and the facility employs more than 1,100 employees who are encouraged to participate in environmental stewardship and broader charitable giving and volunteerism.

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