Techstars Startup Week and Artup Week Fort Collins 2020

Feb 4, 2020 | Member News

In the US, only 4% of all startups reach $1M in revenue. And of those, only 10% scale to $10M. So that means that your startup has a 0.4% chance of growing to $10M and above. But research proves that there are specific conditions you can establish in your business to help ensure that it will grow and achieve both scale and long term sustainability.

This year, Wednesday of Startup Week is dedicated to helping your business scale. We’ll hold a series of fireside chats with 13 entrepreneurs who have crossed that $1M revenue threshold in different industries. We’ll dig deep into their businesses to find out what specific things they did to cross that threshold and continue to grow their businesses.

Our speakers represent a wide range of businesses from B2B technology to B2C consumer products. Their businesses range from $1M to $110M in revenue.

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