Technical Framework Opens Computer Overstock Store

Aug 25, 2020 | Member News

We cannot thank you enough for your customer loyalty over the years. We realize there are things we can do better, and so we are always striving for that next higher rung of service quality.

Your feedback on needing faster turnaround on equipment such as PCs, laptops, and monitors has been at the forefront of our improvement efforts. Our team has spent the last several months on everything imaginable to create our first-ever online computer store! will open in two phases:

In phase 1 (Aug 25 – Sept 24), you can browse all available equipment, but you’ll need to call our front desk to make a purchase.

In phase 2 (Starting Sept 25), we’ll be adding shopping cart capabilities so that you can check out online.


How will our store differ from the rest?

1) We’ve set up many relationships with wholesalers, allowing us to bring you highly competitive pricing.

2) Our team lives and breathes IT, so we can help you choose the right equipment to integrate with your existing home office or corporate network.

3) Clients will enjoy delivery and setup of purchased equipment, or curbside pickup at our location if preferred.

4) No checkout lines and no waiting for a floor rep to free up so that you can ask questions! You can call, email, or stop by for a chat. There is plenty of space inside or outside our 3,500 square foot facility for social distancing.

5) Our focus is solely on business and school computer equipment.

6) We can outfit your computer with one of our security plans, which include our award-winning managed services suite, Office 365, backups, and more.

7) You’ll be buying from techs you already trust.

8) Our store will have an excellent level of detail about each product, including best uses, weight and dimensions, in-depth specifications, and much more!

9) As the name implies, we’ll not only carry new equipment but open-box, and refurbished items.

10) We provide custom computer setup and data transfer services.


Supplies are limited, so go to now and pick yours out or tell us what you need. We might just have it in storage!