Fort Collins, Colorado​- TEAM Wellness & Prevention is hosting the Colorado Dept. of Transportation Cannabis Conversation event on March 27, 2018 in Fort Collins.

JOIN THE CANNABIS CONVERSATION is a Colorado Dept. of Transportation (CDOT) campaign aimed at reducing cannabis impaired driving incidents and motor vehicle related fatalities across Colorado. TEAM Wellness & Prevention has partnered with CDOT to host a local conversation.

The Cannabis Conversation will include a panel of experts from CDOT, law enforcement, the cannabis industry and others. All input and discussion is encouraged.

Please consider taking the CDOT Cannabis Conversation Survey at

Colorado continues to see marijuana-involved traffic crashes that result in serious consequences. It’s a problem that we are now seeking the community’s input to help address by sparking a meaningful conversation among all Coloradans. Through this conversation, we are setting out to:

Learn why some people drive under the influence of marijuana; Learn what the public perceives as the dangers of driving while marijuana impaired; Learn what would convince people not to drive high; and Understand the norms and opinions around driving high from multiple perspectives.

This is a statewide, multi-year initiative that involves not just the public and marijuana consumers, but also industry influencers, law enforcement, local government, and other stakeholders to make sure we’re seeing all angles and perspectives of the issue. The goal? To collectively identify practical solutions that will ultimately make Colorado’s roads safer.

We want to listen and learn from you as part of a new drugged driving initiative called The Cannabis Conversation. Tell us about your habits, behaviors, opinions and thoughts about cannabis and driving. Everyone is invited to join the conversation,whether or not you consume cannabis. The only requirement is that you provide open and honest feedback

The Cannabis Conversation Event will be on March 27th from 5:30 to 7:30 PM at the Green Room located at 344 E. Mountain Ave. in Fort Collins.


About TEAM Wellness & Prevention

Mission Statement: TEAM Wellness & Prevention is dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyles through the prevention of substance abuse.

TEAM Wellness & Prevention has been providing alcohol and drug prevention services to the Fort Collins community since 1989. TEAM Wellness & Prevention provides prevention education to middle and high school students, makes presentations for parents on topics related to youth substance use, convenes community groups, provides opportunities for youth activities in safe, substance-free environments, and is available as a community partner. We favor a developmental approach for addressing youth substance use. In doing so, we recognize the importance of adolescents’ inclination toward taking risks and we promote a formula of prevention that provides opportunities for youth to satisfy needs without compromising their future. It is TEAM Wellness & Prevention’ philosophy that prevention is the job of the entire community and we enjoy the responsibility for coordinating these efforts. To the extent that parents, schools, businesses, law enforcement, community leaders, and religious organizations are consistent in the message for health and in providing a safe environment to nurture youth, Fort Collins’ youth are more likely to claim a future of wellbeing.