Three specialty craft companies in Old Town Fort Collins have partnered together for a fundraiser to support The Rett Clinic in Children’s Hospital.

Join us Tuesday, April 7th at 6pm in Old Town Fort Collins for a fantastic foodie experience! Blue Skies Winery, CopperMuse Distillery and Pateros Creek Brewing Co. have partnered together to host a tasting tour “progressive”.   Guests of our tour will start at one of the 3 stops, and then hop from each tasty stop to another.   At each stop guests will be presented with delectable pairings of tapas from the infamous ‘Chef Cam’ along with choice beers, wines, or spirits from each host.

Tickets are only $60 per person, and proceeds go directly to The Rett Clinic to support their amazing work.  Tickets can be purchased on the event website:

The Rett Clinic serves families affected by Rett Syndrome.  Rett Syndrome (RTT) is a debilitating neurological disorder diagnosed almost exclusively in females.  RTT has been thought to affect 1 in 10,000 females. It is now believed, however, that the prevalence rate of RTT may be much higher.

Rett leaves its victims profoundly disabled and completely dependent on others for every basic need that requires 24 hour a day care

The Rocky Mountain Rett Clinic is one of only 18 clinics in all of America that serve families who are dealing with this baffling disorder.  The clinic is mostly funded by donations. Limited funding and resources only allow the clinic to be available 6 times per year.  As such, there is a long waiting list for families to get in.  Profits from this fundraiser go directly to the clinic.