Take Charge of Your Health: A Women’s Symposium has been scheduled for Tuesday, September 17 from 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at Timberline Church located at 2908 S. Timberline Road in Fort Collins. This year’s Symposium will include an expanded panel discussion with some of the area’s leading oncologists discussing critical topics on cancer.

Event tickets go on sale July 1, for $10 per person, through August 31. Beginning September 1 through September 12, tickets will increase to $15 per person. Day of event tickets will be $20. Tickets include a healthy dinner, panel presentations, as well as access to health companies set up at event booths.

Take Charge of Your Health is a women’s symposium created to educate the community on health-related issues and topics women are facing. The 2019 event will educate women about common types of cancer and steps to take to reduce risk. Medical profession presenters and topics include:

  • Diana Medgyesy, MD – How Lifestyle and Genetics Affect Your Cancer Risk
  • Lynn West, MD – The Cancer You CAN Find
  • Julie Homann, NP – The Women’s Guide to Cancer Screening
  • Rebecca Dunphy, MD – Is Lynch Syndrome Part of Your Family Tree?
  • Kelli Swan, MS, MA, CGC – Genetic Counseling 101

To register, call 970-495-7500 or visit UCHealth.org/events to purchase your ticket online. More information can be found online at https://takechargeofyourhealthnoco.org.

This event is made possible by the following generous sponsors: UCHealth, The Women’s Clinic of Northern Colorado and Myriad Genetics.