Take Action to Retain Worker, Employer Flexibility

Your Chamber is an unabashed advocate for business-friendly policy, solutions, and opportunities across the region.  With the start of the 74th Regular Session of the Colorado General Assembly, we’ve already seen a number of bills that have been introduced that will dramatically impact you and your business.  We will share insight into those bills and more throughout the session. Unfortunately, we start this year with a call to action to Retain Worker, Employer Flexibility.

HB23-1118 (written by Colorado Competitive Council)
The so-called Fair Workweek Employment Standards would have devastating effects on local restaurants, retailers, and other businesses by eliminating scheduling flexibility for thousands of Colorado businesses and workers, as well as implementing minimum pay and punitive new fines.

This lengthy bill imposes work schedule and pay requirements, including detailed timelines for posting work schedules, paperwork requirements for employers or employees making changes to shifts or trading shifts, as well as a variety of fees for making changes to work schedules and minimum weekly pay, regardless of whether an employee works an average number of hours determined upon hire.

View the Issue Brief: HERE


Ann Hutchison, President & CEO

February 7, 2023