Support PLAY Sports Coalition

May 6, 2020 | Member News

The Triple Crown Sports organization has officially signed onto the PLAY Sports Coalition letter to congress. Now it’s your turn as a US Citizen and taxpayer to voice your personal support for youth sports relief and recovery.

  • #1: Please phone call your local representative in the house and senate. Voice your support for youth sports and the PLAY Sports Coalition letter. Michael Bennett- 303-455-7600, Cory Gardner- 303-391-5777, Joe Neguse- 970-372-3971
  • #2: Go online and email your congressman. It takes 30 seconds here:
  • #3: Send this email to your  neighbors and friends to email congress and support PLAY Sports.

Here is the website for more info:

The letter to congress:

We’ve posted support for the PLAY Sports Coalition on all of the Triple Crown social feeds.  Feel free to go on your personal accounts and share your support.

You can share our post and then add this message or just add this message and upload a graphic from here

I am honored to represent @ORGANIZATION as a member of the PLAY Sports Coalition along with 1000+ other organizations. Please join the coalition and take action by visiting our website here: #Unite2PLAY