Fort Collins Utilities’ Time-of-Day (TOD) residential pricing will shift to summer hours and prices in May. On-peak hours are 2-7 p.m., weekdays only (weekends and major holidays* are off-peak) from May through September.

If you use more than 700 kWh of electricity a month, you will be billed an additional $0.0194 (1.94¢) per kWh over 700 kWh (except for all-electric heat homes).

*Major holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas

Take Control of Your Electric Bill

Off-peak prices are approximately 70% less than on-peak prices. Save money by shifting your electric use to the lower-priced, off-peak hours or by reducing your use.

  • Every 2 degrees higher you set your air conditioner can save up to 14% on cooling costs.
  • Choose fans before air conditioning, and close your blinds and curtains to keep the heat out.
  • Try pre-cooling your home before 2 p.m. and coasting through the on-peak hours.
  • Save approximately 50¢ per load by drying your laundry during off-peak hours.

Need Help Paying Your Bill?

Learn More:, 970-212-2900 or V/TDD 711