State of Colorado Launches MyBizColorado

Aug 15, 2018 | Member News

The State of Colorado has launched a new service designed to help emerging businesses open their doors more quickly and efficiently.

The offices have worked together to develop MyBizColorado, a single path to interact with multiple state agencies, cutting red tape and expediting the process to start a new business.

By using MyBizColorado, you can:

  • Register for a sales tax license,
  • Register employees for wage withholding,
  • Register employees for unemployment insurance,
  • Find a resource library and tutorials on business requirements, as well as planning and developing a new business, and get information on necessary professional licenses.

Participating agencies and partners include the Department of Labor and Employment, Department of Revenue, Department of Regulatory Agencies, Governor’s Office of Economic Development and International Trade, Governor’s Office of Information Technology, Secretary of State’s Office, the Statewide Internet Portal Authority and Colorado Interactive.

To learn more, you can view a short video by going to

MyBizColorado is yet one more reason Colorado is the best place to start and grow a new business. Thank you for helping spread the word.